Monday, January 23, 2012

The Legend Continues...

Last Christmas Eve, we shared  with you,  the wonderful news that Gardner Elementary School officials were hard at work setting up the new music room in memory of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Well, today, the LA Times is reporting that the project is nearing completion and the "Michael Jackson Music Education Lab" will have an open house, next Monday.

The Hollywood elementary school that saw Michael Jackson through sixth grade will host an open house for its Michael Jackson Music Education Lab on Monday morning. It's the second building the campus has dedicated to the singer; silver letters in front of the school auditorium already read "The Michael Jackson Auditorium." 
Gardner Street Elementary School plans to showcase the lab and new music curriculum during a small reception at 11:00 a.m.
Source: KPCC

The launch of the newly named lab will also feature the new MusIQ program, incorporating Adventus Software for the students of Gardner Street Elementary. The enhanced program will teach students fundamentals of music education, such as elements focusing on composition, arrangement and the ability to read music.

"This is only the second school in California to have this program; it's the first one in the LA Unified District," said Lesley Holmes, the founder and chairwoman for the Friends of Gardnerville, the non-profit organization that supports the elementary school and children by creating funding opportunities for educational programs.

The lab will have pictures of Jackson and a signed chalkboard.
"This was a room that Michael Jackson used when he attended the school in the sixth grade. His presence was made in musical contributions," said Holmes.

We want to thank all the fans who answered our call and donated to the school.  Also, many thanks to the New York fans who brought it to our attention.

The lab was built with donations from various sponsors and The Friends of Gardnerville hope to fully fund the program on their own next year, said Holmes.
Source: NBC Los Angeles

And last but not least, a HUGE thank you to the Gardner School officials and the The Friends of Gardnerville organization for their hard word.

If you wish to personally send a thank you note to the Gardner School officials or The Friends of Gardnerville for

honouring Michael, you can find their contact information on the school page:

or The Friends of Gardnerville blog: