Monday, August 29, 2011


After a year and a half of hard work, blood, sweat and tears - MTV FINALLY reinstated the "Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award". The award was presented to Britney Spears last night at the VMA Awards. 

Michael Jackson fans worldwide worked tirelessly - from websites to petitions - from Facebook pages to fan made videos - all done in a massive plea for Music Television (MTV) to reinstate this award after removing it from the award roster years ago, for reasons we need not hash over. 

We here at MJFUL would like to thank each and every person involved in this Campaign for all your hard work and perseverance, please know that this had everything to do with you whether MTV ever acknowledges it or not.  

A HUGE Thank You To MTV For Doing This & On His Birthday - Just Icing On The Cake!!

We are here to change the World - YOU did this MJ Fans, this is Your moment to shine!!

Michael would be so proud of his fans!

Happy 53rd Birthday Michael!

53 years ago a star was born and the World has never been the same!

This little boy from Gary Indiana WOWED us with his talent from the first time he graced the stage and pulled us all in with his soulful bluesy voice. He charmed us trough his teenage years like no one before him and Enjoy Ourselves we did!! Just when we thought - it CAN'T get any better than this - it did. Michael's solo career spanned several decades and we were in fact - we still are.

There was no greater entertainer, humanitarian and father than Michael Jackson. He gave the world some of the most powerful music with a message ever sang, he gave and gave generously to charity - he literally felt the plight of those who had nothing, he encouraged us to remember the planet and take care of her as she is all we have.

We didn't want to stop - but we didn't get enough.

Michael Jackson left his mark on the world and his legacy will live on. No one will ever take his place, no one will ever compare to the talent or to the person Michael was.

Michael Jackson truly was one of a kind and today - on what would have been his 53rd Birthday - we honor him.

Happy Birthday Michael - We Love You MOST!

Friday, August 26, 2011

MJ's 53rd Birthday: Pledge-O-Thon to Support "Horn of Africa Relief Effort"

To mark Michael Jackson's 53rd birthday next week, we will push for more donations to the Unicef-Michael Jackson Horn of Africa Famine Relief Effort.

A pledge is not mandatory. At all times, fans can donate directly through this link: Michael Jackson Fans United for Famine Relief 

Or you can pledge to donate an amount link to a particular milestone, goal or challenge.  

Here are a few example of pledges / challenges: Donating $1 per new twitter follower on MJ's birthday; $20 for each MTV poll MJ won; $2 each time you or a designated follower tweets Michael Jackson's name,  $100 if you get a certain celeb to follow you on Twitter, $10 for each hour MJ's name is on the Worldwide Trending Topic on August 29th.......the possibilities are ENDLESS.

Be as creative as you want. Feel free to challenge your friends and followers to participate in the fundraiser.

You set your milestone or challenge....and you decide how much money each achievement is worth.  

To participate in the Pledge-O-Thon, leave your twitter name, briefly describe your personal pledge (limit yourself to a single pledge or challenge), amount to be donated and day it will take place,  in the comment section below.  

Example of a pledge:

Participant: @United4MJLegacy   
Pledge: $2 for each new follower, until we reach 1000. Current Follower count: 948  
Date of the challenge: From August 27th through August 30th 2011

The official start of the Pledge-O-Thon Event is Saturday, August 27th 12:01 AM and ends on Labor Day weekend, Saturday September 3rd 12:00AM.

We will ask that all pledges be fulfilled by September 7th, 2011. Again, all money goes to:

Thank you and have fun!!

To all our friends on the East Coast please stay safe.

Happy 53rd Birthday Michael!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

One Voice. One Goal. All United.

Tonight, from Australia to China, from Russia to Ireland, from France to the United States & Canada....Michael Jackson's fans spoke in One Voice.

"There is nothing that can't be done, if we raise our voice as one" - Michael Jackson

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

KISS has been removed but the Boycott still stands!!

The Forever Michael Tribute organizers released a statement earlier today, announcing they had rescinded their invitation for KISS to perform at the upcoming Concert. 

The Gene Simmons debacle is far from being the only reason we have publicly called for a boycott.  From the very beginning, the promoters have shown little respect to Michael Jackson's legacy. They have been dismissive of fans' concerns, after we raised important questions from the percentage of the ticket price that will be donated to charity to the "galaxy of stars" we were promised.

In a response statement to Global Live Events, MJ fans made it very clear that the Boycott stands - and have now asked that the tainted tribute be cancelled.

Click here to read the full statement.

This tribute has become a distraction, mere weeks before opening statements in the CRIMINAL TRIAL - nothing should take precedence over Justice for Michael Jackson!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

There's nothing that can't be done, if we raise our voice as one!

*********** For Immediate Release***********

RE: Global Live Events’ Unofficial Michael Forever Tribute

To all Michael Jackson fans,

To Artists who have signed up for the tribute,

 Michael Jackson’s Fans United For His Legacy (United4MJLegacy) stands with our friends at Michael J. Jackson Community (MJJC), Michael Jackson Fan Club (MJFC), MJ4Justice, Michael Jackson Accountability Network (MJAN) as well as other fan clubs around the globe, in support of a FULL and IMMEDIATE boycott of the Michael Forever Tribute.

We advise ALL fans and members of the general public who have registered for tickets these past few days to cancel their registration.

We also respectfully ask singers Cee-Lo, Alexandra Burke and Smokey Robinson, who have shown genuine love and respect for Michael in the past, to rescind their participation in this so-called tribute.

Since the announcement of the Forever Michael Tribute, on July 25th, 2011, we have tried hard not to take position on the promised “thriller of a tribute”.  Though our core members have been vocal and have demonstrated very strong feelings against the tribute and believe it will distract from the ongoing trial, we thought, out of respect for Michael Jackson’s Mother and her involvement in the planning of the tribute, we would not take a public stance until it became absolutely necessary.

Two recent developments led us to rethink our neutral position:

First, the obvious exploitation of Michael Jackson’s children to jumpstart tickets sale and second, the announcement today, that Kiss band member, Gene Simmons will take part in the tribute.

Global Live Events (GLE), the tribute organizer popped up out of nowhere on March 29th 2011, and has shown little respect for Michael Jackson’s legacy, his fan base, his children & the charities he supported.

Under terms and conditions “Concert Line up and Refund Rights” on the tribute website, GLE informs potential ticket buyers that Katherine Jackson has agreed to bring “as many of Michael’s children as are available”. Making underaged grieving children part of their contract, shows GLE is trading on fans’ love & respect for Michael Jackson and using his beloved children as nothing more than commodities. Anyone who knew Michael, knows his children were never part of any package deal.

Again today, GLE had hit a new low and stomped again on Michael Jackson’s legacy, by announcing the addition of Gene Simmons to the tribute line up. This announcement was the latest insult to Michael Jackson’s memory, his children and his fans, after a string of questionable decisions.

In the days following Michael Jackson’s death, Gene Simmons made slanderous, derogatory comments about Michael and his children. He had also questioned the numerous homages paid to the singer, so it is quite ironic, that Simmons has now agreed to, himself, pay tribute to the man he called a child predator.

These unforgiveable mistakes by the organizers & their supporters could be blamed on lack of experience, but more and more, it seems this could as well be explained by a lack of care and total disregard for the man’s legacy.  And again, today’s announcement reminds us, how little they know of the man they claim to be paying tribute to on October 8th.

GLE has demonstrated they are out of touch and unfit to organize a tribute to the King of Pop. Time and again, the organizers have been deceptive, arrogant and disrespectful, when fans raise questions about the ticketing system, the percentage of the ticket price that will be donated to charities etc. They had promised a “galaxy of stars”, which as of today has failed to materialize, and continue in their duplicity.

We are first and foremost, Michael Jackson fans; we will never stand for any person or organization disrespecting his 40+ year legacy, be it a family member or member of the media.

We welcome an Official tribute at a later and more appropriate date, under the leadership & supervision of the Michael Jackson’s Estate, as the Definite Authority & Guardian of his Brand and his Legacy.

For now, fans who wish to pay tribute to Michael Jackson the Humanitarian, can do so by donating to the Unicef-Michael Jackson’s Fans United For Famine Relief, to help raise funds for famine relief in the Horn of Africa.  The same giving spirit that inspired Michael and a group of his peers to record We Are The World 26 years ago…is the same one that inspires us today to help Africa overcome this latest crisis.


United For Michael Jackson’s Legacy is a group of Michael Jackson fans from all corners of the world, to promote and help protect his Legacy.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Famine Relief Update

It looks like Michael Jackson fans won't stop 'til they get enough! 

As we told you a few days ago, Michael Jackson's fans started a campaign to help bring relief to Africa's famine problem "Be Mike Like - Michael Jackson Fans United For Famine Relief" on Facebook.  Through UNICEF's website, we were able to setup a direct donation page UNICEF USA  in Michael Jackson's and his fans' name. 

As of now, there are $1,328 in donations!! MJ fans are promoting this campaign all over the internet, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and many other websites and social forums. It's heartwarming to see everyone come together for the greater good!

Another Group on Facebook - "One Rose For Michael" has set up donations for vaccinations against tetanus, measles and polio for children in the poorest countries. So far, over 3,000 vaccines have been donated by Michael's fans. 

Again, all money collected through this effort, will be forwarded to UNICEF in Michael Jackson's name on August 29th, day of his 53rd birthday.  Please visit their page, all the links and information are listed there, and add your name to this great cause

For those in Canada - the Government will match all individual donations to UNICEF Canada branch, between now and September 16th, 2011. Follow the link to donate to UNICEF Canada

If you know of other important fund raising efforts close to your heart, let us know & we will be happy to share with others.

We are doing a good thing here and in our opinion - Michael Jackson would be VERY proud of his fans!!

Thank you for your generosity. Let's continue doing the best we can, to help "Heal the World"

Friday, August 5, 2011

Make That Change: Your Own Tribute to Michael

To all Michael Jackson fans, 

For the past week, there have been a lot of discussions as to the validity of a tribute show during the Conrad Murray trial and without his estate involvement. 

Many fans have already indicated they will not attend the tribute. 
We ask that all of you do what could be considered the greatest tribute to a humanitarian like Michael Jackson: Donate to help famine relief in Africa. 

In the spirit of Michael Jackson and the effort, that he and a group of artists started 26 years ago with We Are the World, we encourage you all to go the extra mile and donate. 

We think this is one tribute, Michael Jackson, without a doubt, would be very proud of. 

You can give a TRIBUTE DONATION in Memory of Michael Jackson or in the Spirit of We Are The World

We have contacted the children branch of the United Nations to inquire about a designated fund for Michael Jackson fans.  This fund would allow MJ fans to track their donations.  As soon as we get a reply, we will gladly share it with you all. 

In the meantime, people are dying everyday in Africa, so we MUST act quickly. You do not have to wait for the Michael Jackson fund to be setup to make a difference. 

Update: From around the world, you can donate to the newly created UNICEF Michael Jackson Fans for Africa HERE

People are always saying “Oh, they’ll take care of it, the government or they will…they?…they who?…it starts with US! It’s us or it will never be done – Michael Jackson (This is it)