Monday, August 15, 2011

There's nothing that can't be done, if we raise our voice as one!

*********** For Immediate Release***********

RE: Global Live Events’ Unofficial Michael Forever Tribute

To all Michael Jackson fans,

To Artists who have signed up for the tribute,

 Michael Jackson’s Fans United For His Legacy (United4MJLegacy) stands with our friends at Michael J. Jackson Community (MJJC), Michael Jackson Fan Club (MJFC), MJ4Justice, Michael Jackson Accountability Network (MJAN) as well as other fan clubs around the globe, in support of a FULL and IMMEDIATE boycott of the Michael Forever Tribute.

We advise ALL fans and members of the general public who have registered for tickets these past few days to cancel their registration.

We also respectfully ask singers Cee-Lo, Alexandra Burke and Smokey Robinson, who have shown genuine love and respect for Michael in the past, to rescind their participation in this so-called tribute.

Since the announcement of the Forever Michael Tribute, on July 25th, 2011, we have tried hard not to take position on the promised “thriller of a tribute”.  Though our core members have been vocal and have demonstrated very strong feelings against the tribute and believe it will distract from the ongoing trial, we thought, out of respect for Michael Jackson’s Mother and her involvement in the planning of the tribute, we would not take a public stance until it became absolutely necessary.

Two recent developments led us to rethink our neutral position:

First, the obvious exploitation of Michael Jackson’s children to jumpstart tickets sale and second, the announcement today, that Kiss band member, Gene Simmons will take part in the tribute.

Global Live Events (GLE), the tribute organizer popped up out of nowhere on March 29th 2011, and has shown little respect for Michael Jackson’s legacy, his fan base, his children & the charities he supported.

Under terms and conditions “Concert Line up and Refund Rights” on the tribute website, GLE informs potential ticket buyers that Katherine Jackson has agreed to bring “as many of Michael’s children as are available”. Making underaged grieving children part of their contract, shows GLE is trading on fans’ love & respect for Michael Jackson and using his beloved children as nothing more than commodities. Anyone who knew Michael, knows his children were never part of any package deal.

Again today, GLE had hit a new low and stomped again on Michael Jackson’s legacy, by announcing the addition of Gene Simmons to the tribute line up. This announcement was the latest insult to Michael Jackson’s memory, his children and his fans, after a string of questionable decisions.

In the days following Michael Jackson’s death, Gene Simmons made slanderous, derogatory comments about Michael and his children. He had also questioned the numerous homages paid to the singer, so it is quite ironic, that Simmons has now agreed to, himself, pay tribute to the man he called a child predator.

These unforgiveable mistakes by the organizers & their supporters could be blamed on lack of experience, but more and more, it seems this could as well be explained by a lack of care and total disregard for the man’s legacy.  And again, today’s announcement reminds us, how little they know of the man they claim to be paying tribute to on October 8th.

GLE has demonstrated they are out of touch and unfit to organize a tribute to the King of Pop. Time and again, the organizers have been deceptive, arrogant and disrespectful, when fans raise questions about the ticketing system, the percentage of the ticket price that will be donated to charities etc. They had promised a “galaxy of stars”, which as of today has failed to materialize, and continue in their duplicity.

We are first and foremost, Michael Jackson fans; we will never stand for any person or organization disrespecting his 40+ year legacy, be it a family member or member of the media.

We welcome an Official tribute at a later and more appropriate date, under the leadership & supervision of the Michael Jackson’s Estate, as the Definite Authority & Guardian of his Brand and his Legacy.

For now, fans who wish to pay tribute to Michael Jackson the Humanitarian, can do so by donating to the Unicef-Michael Jackson’s Fans United For Famine Relief, to help raise funds for famine relief in the Horn of Africa.  The same giving spirit that inspired Michael and a group of his peers to record We Are The World 26 years ago…is the same one that inspires us today to help Africa overcome this latest crisis.


United For Michael Jackson’s Legacy is a group of Michael Jackson fans from all corners of the world, to promote and help protect his Legacy.

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