Tuesday, August 16, 2011

KISS has been removed but the Boycott still stands!!

The Forever Michael Tribute organizers released a statement earlier today, announcing they had rescinded their invitation for KISS to perform at the upcoming Concert. 

The Gene Simmons debacle is far from being the only reason we have publicly called for a boycott.  From the very beginning, the promoters have shown little respect to Michael Jackson's legacy. They have been dismissive of fans' concerns, after we raised important questions from the percentage of the ticket price that will be donated to charity to the "galaxy of stars" we were promised.

In a response statement to Global Live Events, MJ fans made it very clear that the Boycott stands - and have now asked that the tainted tribute be cancelled.

Click here to read the full statement.

This tribute has become a distraction, mere weeks before opening statements in the CRIMINAL TRIAL - nothing should take precedence over Justice for Michael Jackson!!


  1. We at ACMC\MJ4Justice stand behind this Boycott 100%

  2. JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!