Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Addendum: Turn Off, Tune Out, Shut off Diane Dimond

Since we started our "Silent Protest" against Diane Dimond, we have received great feedbacks and suggestions from others fans, asking that Dr Drew Pinsky be added on the target list with Dimond.

We have no problem referring to Mr Pinksy, in a respectful way; too bad he doesn't extend that same level of respect to Michael Jackson, whom he commonly call "Jacko", a long storied racist moniker. And one, Mr Jackson, made very clear on many occasions he wasn't particularly happy with.

This new bullish attitute is the new reality fans have to contend with.

We will gather as much information on Mr Pinksy's show as we can, and make them available to you in the coming days.

In the meantime, keep supporting the "silent protest" against Diane Dimond and all shows inviting her to comment on the Murray trial.

Thank you

This text with additional contact information was sent to us by @MJJJusticePrjct:

Contact TruTv – Let them know how you feel about their hiring unscrupulous Diane Dimond  
Understanding the TruTV is understanding their motto - Not Reality; Actuality-  
Contact InSession-TruTV http://www.trutv.com/contact/index.html?subject_id=181&start=true

In regards to hiring Diane Dimond as one of the InSession panelist: 
Diane Dimond is a tabloid reporter. Her reporting of misinformation based solely from dubious ‘sources’ proved to be false, led to her once being sued by Mr. Jackson. Pls see Michael Jackon v. Paramount Pictures Corp. Therefore, she carries an unnatural bias in regards to reporting on any aspect regarding his life, death and trial of the man accused of taking his life. It is of public knowledge, that his entire adult life she has been a constant harasser of Michael Jackson with her erroneous tabloid reporting. It is unconscionable to add more pain to the family of the deceased by having his almost 20 yrs aggressor reporting on the circumstances of his death. Since, June 25, 2009 she has made it a mission to portray the victim in this manslaughter trial as drug addicted and suicidal even though she has no first hand knowledge of the events. She cannot impartially report fairly nor without bias in regards to the Murray trial. We do respectfully request you reconsider her position on your panel. 

You May Also write to Three of the Executive Officers of the Turner Broadcasting Systems Inc. 
Philip I. Kent CEO 
Louise Sames VP&General;Counsel Steve Koonin President of Turner Entertainment Networks
Turner Broadcasting Systems Inc.190 Marietta,Atlanta, GA 30303
And Also CALL 

Phone: 404-827-1700
Twitter -  Twitter - Twitter -   

We must lend our voices to right the wrongs of the past 2 decades. 
Are you ready to get into the Project? 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Turn Off, Tune Out, Shut off Diane Dimond

No where else, would a detractor be allowed to profit from its victim.

It has become quite apparent, that Diane Dimond is angling herself for another taste of Michael Jackson.  After active roles in media coverage of both 1993 / 20005 molestation cases....and Jackson's passing in 2009, Diane Dimond can't seem to get enough of her favourite meal ticket.

She's back picking meat off Michael Jackson's bones to put food on her table.  Knowing of her shady history and close partnership with the Santa Barbara DA, one can't help but feel repulsed at each of her appearances on TV discussion panels as a Michael Jackson's expert

While her partner and friend, Tom Sneddon, seems to have moved on from vilifying Michael Jackson, Diane Dimond has been all over TV channels such as HLN covering the upcoming Murray.

If you are like me, appalled at HLN's and TruTV's cowardice move of inviting this despicable woman on their shows to continue spewing her hate, lies and fantasies on TV, you might have turn off the TV more than once.

Michael Jackson himself was well aware of Diane Dimond's dubious reports and in 1995, filed a $100 million dollar lawsuit against Dimond, her then TV show "Hard Copy" and a host of her acolytes, whose sole purpose is to spread lies and earn a living at the expense of the singer.

The lawsuit stemmed from a story Diane Dimond fabricated for then TV show "Hard Copy", in which she claimed the DA had reopened the 1993 case after a sex tape involving Jackson & then accuser surfaced. 

The Los Angeles DA came out immediately DENYING Diane Dimond's story, but of course, Michael Jackson had had enough and launched a lawsuit against her and her cronies.

In the 1995 lawsuit filed by then Jackson attorney Howard Weitzman, Jackson said 

"I will no longer stand by and watch reckless members of the media try to destroy my reputation. I intend to protect myself and my family...

I have instructed my attorneys to immediately file lawsuits against those persons who continue to spread vicious lies and rumors about me in their attempts to make money, benefit their careers, sell papers or to get viewers to watch their programs."

Pattern: attached herself to ALL Michael Jackson stories and get on TV. 

One wonders, what exactly in her resume makes Diane Dimond a Michael Jackson expert? Is it her close friendship with Tom Sneddon? From 2003 through 2005, she served as Santa Barbara DA's mouthpiece, by leaking his various stories hyping their case, with the objective of tainting the jury before the case went to trial. 

Dimond's passion seems rooted in her desire to discredit Michael Jackson, she will run ANY story without fact checking, if it supports her biased & deeply distorted views. That attitude had gotten her in trouble before, but, in her view the benefits (TV Face Time for a washed up "journalist") seem to outweigh the risks.

Case in point, she was more than happy to run Victor Guitterez' sex tape story; when a simple investigative work could have alerted her to his deception and web of fabricated stories.

Guitterez was successfully sued by Michael Jackson, but like a coward, fled the country instead of facing judgment.

There are many examples of how biased, prejudiced and conniving Ms Dimond has been in her pursuit of the "Michael Jackson career-breaking Stories". Truth has no place in Diane Dimond's reports, the more disparaging the story, the more outrageous the lies, the better the headlines.  She never once tried to cover her tracks, she openly cavorted with Tom Sneddon and members of his office, broke bread with the likes of Stacy Brown, palled around with Victor Guitterez, all to get a good, juicy, made up story rolling. 

Readers can check out the extent of Diane Dimond's duplicity in this great piece A Dossier On Dirty Diane Dimond 

Fast forward to 2011, to say that we are wary and unnerved by her misrepresenting herself as an MJ-expert,  to become a "media talking head" during the Murray trial , is an understatement.  

The callousness in which she persecuted Michael Jackson in life, should not be allowed to continue in his death.

I shame media such as TruTV and HLN for giving such an unreliable source, a forum where she continues to shine with her lies and dilusions. 

We want to remind these medias of Diane Dimond's long checkered past with Michael Jackson, she is not a source, but a shameful reminder of the dumbing down of journalism.

Tune out, Turn Off and Shut off!

Fans can take action by NOT supporting the TV channels that invite her to take part in their discussions or use her reports. If you are a member of the Neilsen Rating panel in the United States & Canada, we would recommend that you Turn off, Tune out or Shut off Diane Dimond by changing or block the channel. You can go as far as cancelling HLN & TruTV by calling your cable service provider. It only takes 2 minutes.

The Nielsen Rating is a TV channel's report card.  Advertisement revenues are largely based on the number of viewers watching the show. Michael Jackson was a victim of Diane Dimond, she used her media credentials to slander him, she used those same credentials to do Tom Sneddon's dirty work by leaking many false stories in the tabloid press to intimidate MJ and bar him from getting justice. 

Her plan failed in 2005, as he was found NOT GUILTY on all counts, but the witch hunt must end NOW.  We should take offence and speak up against her profiting from Michael Jackson's death.  

So as fans, we are not powerless. As proven with Discovery Channel's Autopsy show cancellation, we can use our voice to let HLN and TruTV know, we will turn to other channels if they continue giving her a platform to defame MJ. Her biased views, history of fabricating stories, lack of ethics and collusion with the Santa Barbara DA, make her the least credible source. By inviting Dimond on their shows, they are not only undermining their  programs' reputation, but on a larger scale - their channel's. 

Contact information:

TruTV on Twitter: @TruTV - @DiDimond

HLN on Twitter: @HLNTV - @InSession - @RyanSmithTV

Let's turn off Diane Dimond!

Several Michael Jackson fan forums have partnered with high profile personalities to bring us extensive, unbiased & complete coverage of the upcoming trial...we no longer have to rely on biased reports from the likes of Diane Dimond. 
We have great alternatives to unbiased, professional reports:

Positively Michael will get special reports and commentaries from Tom Mesereau.

Link to @PosMike trial coverage & Tom Mesereau Q&A 

MJJC will also have their own exclusive coverage of the trial with Larry Nimmer.

Link to @MJJCommunity trial coverage

Monday, September 12, 2011

Another small victory: MJ Fans take on Reuters

Earlier today, Reuters published an article on the Murray case, using the "Jacko" moniker in their headlines.

Thanks to fans quick action, the headline has now been corrected, mere hours after it was first published.

But keep in mind, unlike USA Today and CBS News, which are mostly read in North America, Reuters, one of the largest news agencies in the world, sell their stories to other news outlets around the globe.

The time it took Reuters to change the headline, we believe the story with its original title, might have been picked up by other news organizations worldwide.

It is quite disappointing that such a reputable news organization has decided to use the moniker.  We expect more from our news agencies.

Please see below for screen shots of the original article and the amended title.

Special thank you to @JoeVogel1 for bringing this to our attention. And, of course, all the fans who acted promptly, by contacting Reuters, to get the headline corrected.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

In Memoriam...

In Memory 

of all those who lost their lives during the terrorist attacks on 9/11

God bless all families affected by these tragic events

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Building Blocks ....To A Stronger Legacy

Early last week, Michael Jackson's fans received the first of 3 great news. On Monday, USA Today acknowledged fans'  request and removed "Jacko" from their headline.  And, midweek, it was CBS News' turn to take the same measure, after a 9-day outreach effort.

Than, late in the week, an MJ fan brought to our attention that the same slur was removed from an earlier Huffington Post UK article.   Though this one flew under the radar, a couple of fans did take actions, and requested a correction.

These victories, though small and less significant individually, form the bases of a greater grassroots movement to help protect Michael Jackson's legacy in the media.  So, we all agreed these building blocks are important steps in the right direction.

One common thread to these three fan-led efforts, they were all in REACTION to the press using a slur to degrade Michael Jackson. And important fact to note, none of these three media outlets are considered "tabloids" in nature.  Therefore, it is important to acknowledge the use of the slur has crept up in legitimate press.

We are at a very sensitive time, with our attention devoted to the Conrad Murray manslaughter trial, but we believe this issue is very important and we, as a community, should take a more proactive stance.  A proactive approach to media distortion, will be more efficient, more effective, less time consuming and better accountability from the media, than a reactive one. 

Which is why, our friend AndJusticeForSome started a great campaign inviting fans and non-fans to sign a petition asking the media to ban the use of the moniker altogether

 Knowing how strongly Michael felt about the slur, added to its racist origins, fans must stand together to insure the success of this great campaign.

All are invited to add their name to the petition, which will be sent out to the media attached to the open letter.  We are aiming for 10,000 signatures, with 533 gathered so far.  

Please invite your friends, followers and family to add their name in support of this campaign.

To read the open letter and sign the petition, visit the website: 

Open Letter On Behalf of Michael Jackson Fans to the Mainstream Media

You can also visit AndJusticeForSome's blog for additional information.

Thank you.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Small Victories...

*** Please see below for latest update***

Yesterday, a USA Today news article surfaced on the Internet with an unsavoury headline:


Knowing how sensitive Michael Jackson was about tabloids using this moniker, fans and various fan clubs, from across the globe, quickly got into rapid response mode and immediately reached out to USA Today and their Standard Editor Brent Jones to have the headline corrected.

Such a degrading headline is always upsetting, but when it is coming from a national reputable news organization like USA Today, it is numbing.

A little over 24 hours after the headline first popped up, the title was corrected and the demeaning moniker, gone.

We want to thank ALL MJ Fans who took the time to contact the newspaper....and we applaud USA Today for listening and acknowledging our request to respect Michael Jackson and his name!

Also, a big Thank you to @Jay6385 who just tweeted this:

Although the USA Today story had a somewhat happy ending, we want to remind you that we still have an ongoing campaign against CBS News, for using the same moniker.  Now, six days after the story first appeared on their website, we have been hard at work, trying to convince @CBSNEWS , @CBS and @CBSDailyShow to correct their headline.  So far, our requests have gone unanswered, but fans intend on supporting this campaign until we get the desired result.

******* UPDATE *******

Earlier this afternoon (09/07/2011), CBSNews has also updated their website and removed the slur.

Another GREAT victory for Michael Jackson and legacy. 

Thank you to all who called, Tweeted, Facebooked, emailed...

Snapshot taken on 09/05 on cbsnews.com page

And Today....

This one went under the radar, but a couple of comments left on Huffington Post UK page questioned the use of the slur:

And, again the headline was later corrected:

This is significant because this is a UK website, a country with a long and tangled history with the moniker

Thank you to @MJs__Smile for bringing this latest case to our attention.

“Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more.”  - Louis L'Amour

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Time For Justice...

    If you want peace, work for justice. -  Henry Louis Mencken

With the Criminal Trial looming (Jury Selection begins this coming Thursday, Sept. 8th) we here at Michael Jackson Fans United For His Legacy, have decided to re-focus our attention to fighting for Justice for Michael Jackson.

Until late this week, we have been campaigning hard to have the upcoming Global Live Events (GLE)  Michael Tribute Concert cancelled, or at the very least, postponed.  But time and again, we've met opposition and were told, our concerns wouldn't change anything.  We go on with the belief that this concert is not THE tribute Michael Jackson deserves, but an avenue for the organizers to, once again, fill their pockets using Michael Jackson as bait. So be it.

We renew the initial call to our members to boycott this "Tribute" and re-focus our attention to the Conrad Murray Trial.  After two long and arduous years, we believe it is time for Michael Jackson to finally get some justice, so he can rest in peace.

We have waited for this trial since June 25th 2009, and now, that this day has finally arrived; we must put the ongoing circus surrounding GLE's concert on the back burner, and turn our heads to the LA Courthouse. This is what matters most...really, for the next few months, it is the ONLY thing that matters. 

As we re-focus our attention to Judge Michael Pastor's courtroom, we must remember there will be many difficult revelations on the road to justice. Already the defense has hinted Michael Jackson, as much as Conrad Murray, will be put on trial.  They need to be reminded that nothing will deter us, until he finally gets JUSTICE! We owe it to Michael and his beloved children to show support and respect, the same way we did in Santa Maria in 2005. 

Justice is truth in action   -  Benjamin Disraeli 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

GLE\MJ Fans Conference Talks - Our Stand

Today we were invited, along with several other fan clubs, to take part in a live meeting with the Michael Forever Tribute organizers. 

We declined the invitation, as did others, for several reasons, least of all was the short notice. Some fan Clubs did participate and you can read a transcript of the meeting here:

Legendary Michael Jackson's Conference Call with Global Live Events 

We stand by the idea, that Michael Jackson's last wishes MUST be respected. As we told GLE's representative in one of our exchanges, we are not comfortable taking part in such a meeting if Michael Jackson's designated representatives, weren't invited. 

Though they tried to explain the meeting being setup for fans only, as the reason for the Estate being left out, we weren't satisfied with the answer and decided against taking part in the conference call.

We thank Global Live Events for at least making a last minute effort to involve the fans...but at this point with Mr Chris Hunt, telling the British press last week, the show will go on regardless of fans'  grievances, we wonder if it's not too little ... and too late.

A New York Times report on the controversy surrounding the tribute can be read here: 

Tribute Concert Promoters Fail to Sway Jackson Fan Clubs