Thursday, September 1, 2011

GLE\MJ Fans Conference Talks - Our Stand

Today we were invited, along with several other fan clubs, to take part in a live meeting with the Michael Forever Tribute organizers. 

We declined the invitation, as did others, for several reasons, least of all was the short notice. Some fan Clubs did participate and you can read a transcript of the meeting here:

Legendary Michael Jackson's Conference Call with Global Live Events 

We stand by the idea, that Michael Jackson's last wishes MUST be respected. As we told GLE's representative in one of our exchanges, we are not comfortable taking part in such a meeting if Michael Jackson's designated representatives, weren't invited. 

Though they tried to explain the meeting being setup for fans only, as the reason for the Estate being left out, we weren't satisfied with the answer and decided against taking part in the conference call.

We thank Global Live Events for at least making a last minute effort to involve the fans...but at this point with Mr Chris Hunt, telling the British press last week, the show will go on regardless of fans'  grievances, we wonder if it's not too little ... and too late.

A New York Times report on the controversy surrounding the tribute can be read here: 

Tribute Concert Promoters Fail to Sway Jackson Fan Clubs

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  1. Ann, British Michael Jackson Fan Club MemberSeptember 1, 2011 at 5:48 PM

    Well done to all the fan clubs taking a stand against this tribute concert, it is wrong on so many levels not least the timing of the event.

    We will be giving 100% of our thoughts and prayers to Michael during the trial, after justice has been done perhaps something can then be done to celebrate the life of the one and only King Of Pop