Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Time For Justice...

    If you want peace, work for justice. -  Henry Louis Mencken

With the Criminal Trial looming (Jury Selection begins this coming Thursday, Sept. 8th) we here at Michael Jackson Fans United For His Legacy, have decided to re-focus our attention to fighting for Justice for Michael Jackson.

Until late this week, we have been campaigning hard to have the upcoming Global Live Events (GLE)  Michael Tribute Concert cancelled, or at the very least, postponed.  But time and again, we've met opposition and were told, our concerns wouldn't change anything.  We go on with the belief that this concert is not THE tribute Michael Jackson deserves, but an avenue for the organizers to, once again, fill their pockets using Michael Jackson as bait. So be it.

We renew the initial call to our members to boycott this "Tribute" and re-focus our attention to the Conrad Murray Trial.  After two long and arduous years, we believe it is time for Michael Jackson to finally get some justice, so he can rest in peace.

We have waited for this trial since June 25th 2009, and now, that this day has finally arrived; we must put the ongoing circus surrounding GLE's concert on the back burner, and turn our heads to the LA Courthouse. This is what matters most...really, for the next few months, it is the ONLY thing that matters. 

As we re-focus our attention to Judge Michael Pastor's courtroom, we must remember there will be many difficult revelations on the road to justice. Already the defense has hinted Michael Jackson, as much as Conrad Murray, will be put on trial.  They need to be reminded that nothing will deter us, until he finally gets JUSTICE! We owe it to Michael and his beloved children to show support and respect, the same way we did in Santa Maria in 2005. 

Justice is truth in action   -  Benjamin Disraeli 



  2. Excellent. We should dedicate our time to the trial now.

  3. Ellie Mae HollingsworthSeptember 3, 2011 at 8:27 PM

    the only music i play is MJ...I miss him so much but knowing he is with God and never can be hurt in any way gives me comfort and peace...I love you MJ.....

  4. One of Michael Jackson quotes is.. “I don't believe in the justice system. I have seen things go on in the world & how people get away with them”- Michael Jackson Its Times for us to come together as one and Hold hands in Justice for Michael. This is are chance to give back to MJ and show that we will continue to let his Legacy live on. Its up to us to fight the fight of love and truth. We are strong in unity, We are strong in Truth and Facts. May Justice prevail.

  5. I agree, we must all unite and stand strong as one for Michael, this is his only chance for justice and it must be a guilty for Murray all 12 jurors. The only way to achieve this is with prayer, we need God's help in the court room, he is the only one that can do that, we on the other hand have to continue working in our own ways to bring our voice to the public and to be heard. We are Michaels's voice now and we must all stand as one.If the Lord leads you I have JUSTICE FOR MICHAEL JACKSON PRAYER CHAIN, also open to the fans, if you need prayer, we are praying for the trial that the truth will be brought to light for all to see. Many Blessings

  6. Well said. Justice is what we want for Michael Jackson and that is the most important focus for us right now. Let the others go their way while we focus on the events of the jury selection, the judge and the events of the trial. MJ needs us to be focused on him and him alone right now. Thank you for helping to clear the air and setting the record straight, as we move forward in the name of truth, justice and honesty for our musical genius, The King of Pop.