Monday, September 5, 2011

Small Victories...

*** Please see below for latest update***

Yesterday, a USA Today news article surfaced on the Internet with an unsavoury headline:


Knowing how sensitive Michael Jackson was about tabloids using this moniker, fans and various fan clubs, from across the globe, quickly got into rapid response mode and immediately reached out to USA Today and their Standard Editor Brent Jones to have the headline corrected.

Such a degrading headline is always upsetting, but when it is coming from a national reputable news organization like USA Today, it is numbing.

A little over 24 hours after the headline first popped up, the title was corrected and the demeaning moniker, gone.

We want to thank ALL MJ Fans who took the time to contact the newspaper....and we applaud USA Today for listening and acknowledging our request to respect Michael Jackson and his name!

Also, a big Thank you to @Jay6385 who just tweeted this:

Although the USA Today story had a somewhat happy ending, we want to remind you that we still have an ongoing campaign against CBS News, for using the same moniker.  Now, six days after the story first appeared on their website, we have been hard at work, trying to convince @CBSNEWS , @CBS and @CBSDailyShow to correct their headline.  So far, our requests have gone unanswered, but fans intend on supporting this campaign until we get the desired result.

******* UPDATE *******

Earlier this afternoon (09/07/2011), CBSNews has also updated their website and removed the slur.

Another GREAT victory for Michael Jackson and legacy. 

Thank you to all who called, Tweeted, Facebooked, emailed...

Snapshot taken on 09/05 on page

And Today....

This one went under the radar, but a couple of comments left on Huffington Post UK page questioned the use of the slur:

And, again the headline was later corrected:

This is significant because this is a UK website, a country with a long and tangled history with the moniker

Thank you to @MJs__Smile for bringing this latest case to our attention.

“Victory is won not in miles but in inches. Win a little now, hold your ground, and later, win a little more.”  - Louis L'Amour


  1. Thank You :)
    So proud of the fans who stood up and persuaded USATODAY to be respectful to Michael.


  2. be careful newspapers! MJ's army of love is in march and we'll never let go
    so keep the respect please

  3. 2 down more to go! We need to keep our guard up!

  4. They better have corrected it this is a sad world we live in. even in death Michael has to be ridiculed. this stops now. and Conrad ur going down to hell