Saturday, September 10, 2011

Building Blocks ....To A Stronger Legacy

Early last week, Michael Jackson's fans received the first of 3 great news. On Monday, USA Today acknowledged fans'  request and removed "Jacko" from their headline.  And, midweek, it was CBS News' turn to take the same measure, after a 9-day outreach effort.

Than, late in the week, an MJ fan brought to our attention that the same slur was removed from an earlier Huffington Post UK article.   Though this one flew under the radar, a couple of fans did take actions, and requested a correction.

These victories, though small and less significant individually, form the bases of a greater grassroots movement to help protect Michael Jackson's legacy in the media.  So, we all agreed these building blocks are important steps in the right direction.

One common thread to these three fan-led efforts, they were all in REACTION to the press using a slur to degrade Michael Jackson. And important fact to note, none of these three media outlets are considered "tabloids" in nature.  Therefore, it is important to acknowledge the use of the slur has crept up in legitimate press.

We are at a very sensitive time, with our attention devoted to the Conrad Murray manslaughter trial, but we believe this issue is very important and we, as a community, should take a more proactive stance.  A proactive approach to media distortion, will be more efficient, more effective, less time consuming and better accountability from the media, than a reactive one. 

Which is why, our friend AndJusticeForSome started a great campaign inviting fans and non-fans to sign a petition asking the media to ban the use of the moniker altogether

 Knowing how strongly Michael felt about the slur, added to its racist origins, fans must stand together to insure the success of this great campaign.

All are invited to add their name to the petition, which will be sent out to the media attached to the open letter.  We are aiming for 10,000 signatures, with 533 gathered so far.  

Please invite your friends, followers and family to add their name in support of this campaign.

To read the open letter and sign the petition, visit the website: 

Open Letter On Behalf of Michael Jackson Fans to the Mainstream Media

You can also visit AndJusticeForSome's blog for additional information.

Thank you.

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