Saturday, September 17, 2011

Turn Off, Tune Out, Shut off Diane Dimond

No where else, would a detractor be allowed to profit from its victim.

It has become quite apparent, that Diane Dimond is angling herself for another taste of Michael Jackson.  After active roles in media coverage of both 1993 / 20005 molestation cases....and Jackson's passing in 2009, Diane Dimond can't seem to get enough of her favourite meal ticket.

She's back picking meat off Michael Jackson's bones to put food on her table.  Knowing of her shady history and close partnership with the Santa Barbara DA, one can't help but feel repulsed at each of her appearances on TV discussion panels as a Michael Jackson's expert

While her partner and friend, Tom Sneddon, seems to have moved on from vilifying Michael Jackson, Diane Dimond has been all over TV channels such as HLN covering the upcoming Murray.

If you are like me, appalled at HLN's and TruTV's cowardice move of inviting this despicable woman on their shows to continue spewing her hate, lies and fantasies on TV, you might have turn off the TV more than once.

Michael Jackson himself was well aware of Diane Dimond's dubious reports and in 1995, filed a $100 million dollar lawsuit against Dimond, her then TV show "Hard Copy" and a host of her acolytes, whose sole purpose is to spread lies and earn a living at the expense of the singer.

The lawsuit stemmed from a story Diane Dimond fabricated for then TV show "Hard Copy", in which she claimed the DA had reopened the 1993 case after a sex tape involving Jackson & then accuser surfaced. 

The Los Angeles DA came out immediately DENYING Diane Dimond's story, but of course, Michael Jackson had had enough and launched a lawsuit against her and her cronies.

In the 1995 lawsuit filed by then Jackson attorney Howard Weitzman, Jackson said 

"I will no longer stand by and watch reckless members of the media try to destroy my reputation. I intend to protect myself and my family...

I have instructed my attorneys to immediately file lawsuits against those persons who continue to spread vicious lies and rumors about me in their attempts to make money, benefit their careers, sell papers or to get viewers to watch their programs."

Pattern: attached herself to ALL Michael Jackson stories and get on TV. 

One wonders, what exactly in her resume makes Diane Dimond a Michael Jackson expert? Is it her close friendship with Tom Sneddon? From 2003 through 2005, she served as Santa Barbara DA's mouthpiece, by leaking his various stories hyping their case, with the objective of tainting the jury before the case went to trial. 

Dimond's passion seems rooted in her desire to discredit Michael Jackson, she will run ANY story without fact checking, if it supports her biased & deeply distorted views. That attitude had gotten her in trouble before, but, in her view the benefits (TV Face Time for a washed up "journalist") seem to outweigh the risks.

Case in point, she was more than happy to run Victor Guitterez' sex tape story; when a simple investigative work could have alerted her to his deception and web of fabricated stories.

Guitterez was successfully sued by Michael Jackson, but like a coward, fled the country instead of facing judgment.

There are many examples of how biased, prejudiced and conniving Ms Dimond has been in her pursuit of the "Michael Jackson career-breaking Stories". Truth has no place in Diane Dimond's reports, the more disparaging the story, the more outrageous the lies, the better the headlines.  She never once tried to cover her tracks, she openly cavorted with Tom Sneddon and members of his office, broke bread with the likes of Stacy Brown, palled around with Victor Guitterez, all to get a good, juicy, made up story rolling. 

Readers can check out the extent of Diane Dimond's duplicity in this great piece A Dossier On Dirty Diane Dimond 

Fast forward to 2011, to say that we are wary and unnerved by her misrepresenting herself as an MJ-expert,  to become a "media talking head" during the Murray trial , is an understatement.  

The callousness in which she persecuted Michael Jackson in life, should not be allowed to continue in his death.

I shame media such as TruTV and HLN for giving such an unreliable source, a forum where she continues to shine with her lies and dilusions. 

We want to remind these medias of Diane Dimond's long checkered past with Michael Jackson, she is not a source, but a shameful reminder of the dumbing down of journalism.

Tune out, Turn Off and Shut off!

Fans can take action by NOT supporting the TV channels that invite her to take part in their discussions or use her reports. If you are a member of the Neilsen Rating panel in the United States & Canada, we would recommend that you Turn off, Tune out or Shut off Diane Dimond by changing or block the channel. You can go as far as cancelling HLN & TruTV by calling your cable service provider. It only takes 2 minutes.

The Nielsen Rating is a TV channel's report card.  Advertisement revenues are largely based on the number of viewers watching the show. Michael Jackson was a victim of Diane Dimond, she used her media credentials to slander him, she used those same credentials to do Tom Sneddon's dirty work by leaking many false stories in the tabloid press to intimidate MJ and bar him from getting justice. 

Her plan failed in 2005, as he was found NOT GUILTY on all counts, but the witch hunt must end NOW.  We should take offence and speak up against her profiting from Michael Jackson's death.  

So as fans, we are not powerless. As proven with Discovery Channel's Autopsy show cancellation, we can use our voice to let HLN and TruTV know, we will turn to other channels if they continue giving her a platform to defame MJ. Her biased views, history of fabricating stories, lack of ethics and collusion with the Santa Barbara DA, make her the least credible source. By inviting Dimond on their shows, they are not only undermining their  programs' reputation, but on a larger scale - their channel's. 

Contact information:

TruTV on Twitter: @TruTV - @DiDimond

HLN on Twitter: @HLNTV - @InSession - @RyanSmithTV

Let's turn off Diane Dimond!

Several Michael Jackson fan forums have partnered with high profile personalities to bring us extensive, unbiased & complete coverage of the upcoming trial...we no longer have to rely on biased reports from the likes of Diane Dimond. 
We have great alternatives to unbiased, professional reports:

Positively Michael will get special reports and commentaries from Tom Mesereau.

Link to @PosMike trial coverage & Tom Mesereau Q&A 

MJJC will also have their own exclusive coverage of the trial with Larry Nimmer.

Link to @MJJCommunity trial coverage


  1. It shouldn't stop with Diane Dimond however. It's also time to include the ish found on HLN, like "Dr. Drew" and so forth. Turn them all off, turn a deaf ear. The more comments left for them on their sites, even though negative responses FEEDS THE BEASTS!!! STOP FEEDING THEM!!! Only low or no ratings to their ish will kill them.

  2. I agree. This shouldn't stop at Diane Dimond. There are many others who are in the same category as she is-- devious and greedy. These tabloid reporters are getting highly paid to fabricate stories and create sensationlism.

  3. go to her FB page and get her

    she's at it again 2 years after his death she's still at it someone needs to put a stop to this
    and get her fired from all TV/Tabloids,etc she don't deserve to work and make yet even more money off of Michael

  4. Can someone give me her job? I KNOW I can do it better... & look really cute while doing it , too! {{{{^_^}}}}

  5. I don't understand why shouldn't stop her? Yes, there are many others too, but we should say something to make them stop. Many of our attempts succeed like stopping some companies from calling Michael Jacko, discovery channel,etc.

  6. I'm sorry, now I saw it properly. U mean, shouldn't stop at demon. Yeah, that so true. Apologies cause I wrongly see your comments, mj good witch and dgorgo

  7. YOU agree. This Should not Stop at Diane Dimond. .... or those like her because they are only the tip of a pyramid ..... payers who continue to want to destroy the world ...... Michael did not deserve his sacrifice ....