Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Addendum: Turn Off, Tune Out, Shut off Diane Dimond

Since we started our "Silent Protest" against Diane Dimond, we have received great feedbacks and suggestions from others fans, asking that Dr Drew Pinsky be added on the target list with Dimond.

We have no problem referring to Mr Pinksy, in a respectful way; too bad he doesn't extend that same level of respect to Michael Jackson, whom he commonly call "Jacko", a long storied racist moniker. And one, Mr Jackson, made very clear on many occasions he wasn't particularly happy with.

This new bullish attitute is the new reality fans have to contend with.

We will gather as much information on Mr Pinksy's show as we can, and make them available to you in the coming days.

In the meantime, keep supporting the "silent protest" against Diane Dimond and all shows inviting her to comment on the Murray trial.

Thank you

This text with additional contact information was sent to us by @MJJJusticePrjct:

Contact TruTv – Let them know how you feel about their hiring unscrupulous Diane Dimond  
Understanding the TruTV is understanding their motto - Not Reality; Actuality-  
Contact InSession-TruTV http://www.trutv.com/contact/index.html?subject_id=181&start=true

In regards to hiring Diane Dimond as one of the InSession panelist: 
Diane Dimond is a tabloid reporter. Her reporting of misinformation based solely from dubious ‘sources’ proved to be false, led to her once being sued by Mr. Jackson. Pls see Michael Jackon v. Paramount Pictures Corp. Therefore, she carries an unnatural bias in regards to reporting on any aspect regarding his life, death and trial of the man accused of taking his life. It is of public knowledge, that his entire adult life she has been a constant harasser of Michael Jackson with her erroneous tabloid reporting. It is unconscionable to add more pain to the family of the deceased by having his almost 20 yrs aggressor reporting on the circumstances of his death. Since, June 25, 2009 she has made it a mission to portray the victim in this manslaughter trial as drug addicted and suicidal even though she has no first hand knowledge of the events. She cannot impartially report fairly nor without bias in regards to the Murray trial. We do respectfully request you reconsider her position on your panel. 

You May Also write to Three of the Executive Officers of the Turner Broadcasting Systems Inc. 
Philip I. Kent CEO 
Louise Sames VP&General;Counsel Steve Koonin President of Turner Entertainment Networks
Turner Broadcasting Systems Inc.190 Marietta,Atlanta, GA 30303
And Also CALL 

Phone: 404-827-1700
Twitter -  Twitter - Twitter -   

We must lend our voices to right the wrongs of the past 2 decades. 
Are you ready to get into the Project? 

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