Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy 53rd Birthday Michael!

53 years ago a star was born and the World has never been the same!

This little boy from Gary Indiana WOWED us with his talent from the first time he graced the stage and pulled us all in with his soulful bluesy voice. He charmed us trough his teenage years like no one before him and Enjoy Ourselves we did!! Just when we thought - it CAN'T get any better than this - it did. Michael's solo career spanned several decades and we were in fact - we still are.

There was no greater entertainer, humanitarian and father than Michael Jackson. He gave the world some of the most powerful music with a message ever sang, he gave and gave generously to charity - he literally felt the plight of those who had nothing, he encouraged us to remember the planet and take care of her as she is all we have.

We didn't want to stop - but we didn't get enough.

Michael Jackson left his mark on the world and his legacy will live on. No one will ever take his place, no one will ever compare to the talent or to the person Michael was.

Michael Jackson truly was one of a kind and today - on what would have been his 53rd Birthday - we honor him.

Happy Birthday Michael - We Love You MOST!


  1. Happy Birthday to you Michael!
    53 years ago today your mother Katherine Jackson gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. I could not even begin to tell you how much I love and cherish you in such a tiny box. The love I have for you in my heart is too much for me to even contain inside of my own body...I just want you to know that when you are with your family or your beautiful children today; your fans all over the world are celebrating and loving YOU! Happy Birthday Beautiful One! <3

  2. I give thanks to God every day for Joeseph & Katherine Jackson..For without them there would have been no Michael. The gift they have given us could not even be put into words. Michael you live on in the hearts of EACH and EVERY fan who loved you! You are missed more then you will ever know! Together us fans will carry on your legacy...We could never thank you enough Michael for ALL you have done for us..It goes so much deeper then the music... Rest sweet angel..We will never forget you!