Friday, August 5, 2011

Make That Change: Your Own Tribute to Michael

To all Michael Jackson fans, 

For the past week, there have been a lot of discussions as to the validity of a tribute show during the Conrad Murray trial and without his estate involvement. 

Many fans have already indicated they will not attend the tribute. 
We ask that all of you do what could be considered the greatest tribute to a humanitarian like Michael Jackson: Donate to help famine relief in Africa. 

In the spirit of Michael Jackson and the effort, that he and a group of artists started 26 years ago with We Are the World, we encourage you all to go the extra mile and donate. 

We think this is one tribute, Michael Jackson, without a doubt, would be very proud of. 

You can give a TRIBUTE DONATION in Memory of Michael Jackson or in the Spirit of We Are The World

We have contacted the children branch of the United Nations to inquire about a designated fund for Michael Jackson fans.  This fund would allow MJ fans to track their donations.  As soon as we get a reply, we will gladly share it with you all. 

In the meantime, people are dying everyday in Africa, so we MUST act quickly. You do not have to wait for the Michael Jackson fund to be setup to make a difference. 

Update: From around the world, you can donate to the newly created UNICEF Michael Jackson Fans for Africa HERE

People are always saying “Oh, they’ll take care of it, the government or they will…they?…they who?…it starts with US! It’s us or it will never be done – Michael Jackson (This is it)

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