Monday, November 7, 2011

Rewarding a killer

MSNBC has decided to reward Conrad Murray for killing a father of three...

Let them know this is UNACCEPTABLE!


NBC's @todayshow will air clips from the Dateline doc on Friday morning.

We have launched a BOYCOTT MSNBC AND NBC taking effect immediately.

Contact MSNBC 212.664.7403 leave a message



  1. Honor and Respect to Michael !

  2. The same lot of losers that hired Martin B. Why does it not surprise me that they'd do something so utterly despicable and disgraceful!

  3. "NBC's @todayshow will air clips from the Dateline doc on Friday morning" (this is incorrect)

    That preview of Murray's documentary is today (11/8/11) in just over 4 hours on the Today Show not Friday-

    (tweet Today Show)!/todayshow

    correct contact for Today show:
    on that page subject-dropdown list-choose "today"
    then it repeats on MSNBC at 9 p.m. ET Sunday

    correct contact for MSNBC:
    on that page subject-dropdown list-choose "msnbc-tv"

    read these:

  4. it doesn't surprise me at all. Shit needs shit to live. If he had killed one of your kids, would you still "reward" him? Let me do it for you

  5. Please show respect to the man who gave more of himself to the entertainment business than anyone I've ever known.
    I implore you to NOT promote the very person who contributed to Michael Jackson's death and was just convicted. Hasn't the media done enough to Mr. Jackson all his life and is it so important that you continue to demean his charactor even after his death? Why don't you do a documentary on all the wonderful things he did? Is it so important to do this to the fans who love him and most of all,to his family and three orphaned children?
    I can assure you that if this airs, I will no longer support a channel that I once enjoyed very much.