Saturday, June 9, 2012

#WhosBad ..Help Michael Jackson's new single reach BB #1

As you know as part of the BAD 25 project, "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" (& "Don't Be Messin' Round") were released! The  announced that the single is currently the TOP SELLING music title on and COULD BE #1 on the Billboard Single Sales Chart this week!! Sales will be counted 'til this coming Monday at midnight so we need to get ALL THE FANS in the US to buy the single at WalMart stores OR on the website!

To help spread the word we're TRENDING ->
When: Sunday 10th.
Times for trend: 8PM London, 12 pm LA, 3PM New York
All correct times are listed in this link so please find your country!->

Example tweets for the trend:
1) "BUY MJ'S SINGLE AT WALMART! You can buy "I Just Can't Stop Loving You/Don't Be Messin Round" in STORE & online here! ->"

2) "Let's get I Just Can't Stop Loving You/Don't Be Messin Round #1 Billboard! BUY MJ'S SINGLE AT WALMART & online here!->"

Tweet the examples above & your own similar tweets during the trend! (make sure to tweet the link to the online store! -> ) 

So far the single hasn't received any radio airplay, but we can change that.
Here's a link with a whole list of radio stations! -> (ignore the Rihanna references, just go straight to the links and fill out the necessary info to request MJ!)
Click on THIS spinsfm link to request to any radio station through facebook or twitter! ->

Once you've read everything please SPREAD THIS TWITLONGER to ALL MJ FANS and tweet as much of the information above as you can in your own tweets! :)

Let's get Michael's first single from BAD25 a #1 DEBUT!

PS. If you're not in the US, don't worry! You can still participate in the trend and request the single on the radio! This is only specific to the US so we can get that No.1 on Billboard ;)


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