Friday, November 11, 2011

Standing Up Against Corporate Greed in Support of Human Decency

“I fully subscribe to the judgement of those writers who maintain that of all the differences between man and the lower animal, the moral sense of conscience is by far the most important....It is the most noble of all the attributes of man.”  
Charles Darwin

Despite public outcry, MSNBC has decided to go ahead with their documentary.  At the same time, giving a platform to a convicted felon to exploit his crime.

We are better than this.  We stand by the notion, no criminal should ever be allowed to profit from their crime.

In support of 's call to turn off our TV sets during the broadcast tonight, we invite fans from Australia to Europe, from Africa to the Americas and Asia, to come on Twitter tonight and voice our disdain at this most unconscionable betrayal.

Time Zones:

NEW YORK:   11/11/11    9PM - 11PM
LOS ANGELES:   11/11/11 6PM-8PM
SAO PAULO:   11/12/11  MIDNIGHT - 2AM
LONDON:   11/12/11  2AM-4AM
PARIS:   11/12/11 3AM-5AM
MOSCOW:   11/12/11 6AM-8AM
JOHANNESBURG :   11/12/11  4AM - 6AM
SYDNEY:   11/12/11 1PM-3PM
JAKARTA:   11/12/11 9AM-11AM
BEIJING:  11/12/11 10AM-12PM
HONG KONG:  11/12/11 10AM-12PM 

We will trend: TURN TV OFF

No hashtag.
Only use the TT once in a tweet

You can add the following individuals to your tweets: 

@SavannahGuthrie - the "reporter" interviewing the convicted killer
@mgraboff - President of MSNBC & NBC
@NBC - TV Station that has been airing excerpts and promoting the documentary
@MSNBC: TV Station that will broadcast the full documentary tonight 


  1. Will boycott MSNBC FOREVER!!!!!!!

  2. Please consider done! Thanks for giving us the opportunity!

  3. Looking forward to the total collapse of MSNBC and all the Vultures who work there. Am happy to boycott all the advertizers too. Deirdre

  4. Raise our voices as one there is nothing that can not be done. Turning the TV off will not allow them to profit off Michael in this way.

  5. Sooner or later they'll all come to know the power of Michael's fans...We are his army here on earth seeking justice in the name of LOVE.

  6. MSNBC Are a butch of small minded muppets,who will do anything for ratings.including a documentary about a convicted felon..its pathatic...

  7. If I don't watch it, how can I have an opinion about it?

    I won't change the facts of what Murray did to Michael.

    But I refuse to judge him as a person, the documentary or any person involved in that interview just by what I read about it in the media.

    This behaviour is what Michael hated so much! Judgement on hear-say... So many people refused to listen to him and judged him.

    I will listen to what Murray has to say. And I will form my own opinion of his lies and contradictions.

  8. Personally I'm hoping that this mocumentary exposes DocNot, to the kind of person he really is. I have seem a couple of clips from the mocumentary and realized this is the perfect platform for DocNot to hang himself. He makes absolutely no sense what so ever. This just proves, hopefully to the world, on his incompetence, as a responsible doctor. He contradicts what Dr. Shafer shared in court, that a doctor administering propofol should Never leave their patient. The arrogance of his man is so great that he can't even see what he's done. This is a sign of sociopath, which I feel he is.
    If I choose to watch it, it will be for the reasons of arming myself with more information/ammunition in defend Michael. It will not change the facts or bring Michael back, but it will shine a light on all the 17 egregious actions that this person did, in the results of losing his patient, Michael Jackson.
    Justice For Michael <3
    Peace and love Christiane (mj lover)

  9. Done. I have no desire to aid in giving them ratings! Just like Michael sang, "ANYTHING FOR MONEY!"

  10. Done! I am beyond fed the Fu*k up with greedy scum pigs who try to make money off of Michael! time to really show not just those people, but the world how much of an impact we Mj fans can do! Boycotting NBC and MSNBC! "Nothing can't be done, if we raise our voice as ONE." - Michael

  11. you know alot of you are going to watch it even though you say you wont - you just want to fit in with the crowd. Just like the Sony boycott - so many fans said they were going to do that yet we all know people are still buying MJ music. Be honest with yourself - you know you want to see what Murray has to say and you will watch. You won't boycott MSNBC forever - people just don't do that. So many fans on FB and twitter say they will but come on - be real. Instead of wasting your time on twitter tonight go out and do some volunteering in your area in MJ's name. That would be what he would like to see. And you can do that and still have your DVR's on to record it. JUST BE HONEST - GEEZ!@!!!!

  12. It hasn't reached New Zealand yet....

  13. If anyone feels they should watch the program so they can evaluate the contents it is already up on youtube, don't allow sociopathic companies and individuals to profit from the crime of homicide. If you must, watch it here. Ch 4 version for UK Ch 9 version for AU

  14. No, I'm not going to watch it on TV because I would then also be supporting a convicted felon because my viewership would pay MSNBC.

    If you seriously want to watch it, watch it on Youtube and you won't be giving them any money.

    Anyone who says, "I want to hear Conrad Murray's story" is NOT a true fan. Conrad Murray had his time on National TV for 6 weeks in court to tell his story, and he didn't because he is a coward. The only reason he is making this documentary is for 1) money 2) money he owes his lawyers 3) last stab into MJ 4) save his career 5) gain sympathy 6) tell lies he couldn't in court.

    Any true MJ fan would never think of MSNBC the same again, and in a way that's the same as boycotting it forever. I for one, will never think of it the same way again. And I will never think of any of the sponsors the same again either.

    Will be on Twitter tonight defending MJ.

  15. Just don't watch that program on that time slot? NBC/USA has too many good prime time dramas I been watching for years to just up and stop watching that network all together for just one show that I won't give my time to anyway. Same goes with the sponsers, their products are aired on all sorts of channels/times. Not going to stop buying things that my family enjoys just because of one show that I have a choice to not watch/turn off.

  16. I find it shameful and disrespectful towards everyone. A TV channel., Pay a convict (Conrad Murray) for broadcasting a documentary related to the cause for which he was convicted.
    It is outrageous that this man wants to withdraw money at the expense of the person you killed, and over which TV channel., Supports this documentary, and pay the murderer, for that.
    I ask, to suspend the issuance of respect for the family of Michael Jackson, and their children. And dignity to him.
    Maria Theresa Selfa. (Spain)

  17. I did not read this topic before I watched the show I was flipping through the channels and came across it. To be honest Murray showed just what a evil, lieing, murderer, and heartless person he was and continues to be. Him calling MJ a friend was a load of bull. One of the worst was at the end where he tried to say MJ betrayed him and Conrad was the victim. Never again will I tune into anything MSNBC shows, for them to allow a murderer to speak is disgusting to say the least. MJ RIP you are immortal and will live in everyone's heart forever. It breaks my heart that such an amazing man in every way was taken and still has people that say untrue things about him. LOVE THE JACKSONS RIP MICHAEL